The English for Aviation Language Testing System (EALTS) is a multi-level, English for Aviation language testing system designed to assess the language proficiency of commercial flight crew, recreational pilots and air traffic controllers for ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements compliance. The EALTS measures and reports proficiency in the skills of speaking and listening across the levels of the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Scale from Pre-Elementary Level 1 to Expert Level 6.

The EALTS is managed by Language Testing and Assessment Services Ltd. (LTAS). LTAS has been approved and certificated by UK CAA as complying in all respects with the Test Service Provider requirements contained in ICAO Doc. 9835 Manual on the implementation of the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements. Additionally, the UK CAA approves and certificates LTAS as complying in full with the JAR-FCL 1.010 requirements (EASA Part-FCL) relating to the establishment of a Language Assessment Body. LTAS is empowered by UK CAA and other ICAO Member States to operate in the capacity of assessor of Aviation English Language Proficiency.